Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Read with Me

"you may have tangible wealth untold, caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. richer than i you cannot be, i had a mother who read to me." ~strickland gillilan
I was so lucky to grow up with a mother who read to me. I still remember my bedtime routine. As a young child, my mom would read to my sister and me for a half an hour each night. She read many, many books to up. When we were really young she would read us picture books. She still has "Where the Wild Things Are" memorized from reading it so many times. As we got older she read us the entire "Little House on the Praire" series, "Anne of Green Gables", and many other classics and as well as many less known books.
Listening to my mom read to me is one of my fondest childhood memories. There is a power in reading to children. I remember an experience on my mission when we went to visit a hispanic family in a trailer park. We got there as the kids were getting home from school and pulling out their homework. The oldest child was a boy in 5th or 6th grade. He told me how he was good at math, but didn't like reading. He said it was hard and he couldn't learn. I read with him for a few minutes and it made my heart sad when I realized no had been able to take the time to read with him before. His parents didn't speak English, and he had been left floundering, struggling to learn to read at 11 years old. Still to this day, my heart aches for him.
Take time to read to a child. It will change their life. Whether it be your own child or another, cuddle up and pull out a favorite book. It can be a rewarding experience for you both.

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  1. I love it Jennifer. It is hard to see a child who is having trouble reading. I hope someday this boy will be able to read